Woodpecker Coating System

Using the latest and certified innovative technology in woodpecker resistant foam cladding we can stop the destruction caused by this bird. Our certified and tested products are designed for new build and existing EIFS systems. Repairs also available. 

Woodpecker Coating Systems
How to stop woodpecker Damage

Comprehensive Advanced Woodpecker Coating Service by Brandt Plastering

Woodpeckers are charming birds to observe, but their pecking habits can cause significant damage to your property’s exterior. At Brandt Plastering, we offer a specialized and comprehensive Woodpecker Coating Service to address these issues efficiently. Our approach is to ensures that your property remains protected against future woodpecker-related concerns with our coating service.

Understanding Woodpecker Damage:

Woodpeckers are known for drilling holes into wooden surfaces, typically siding or eaves, in their quest for insects or to establish territory. These holes not only compromise the structural integrity of your property but also mar its appearance. Additionally, the presence of these holes can attract other pests, leading to further issues.

Our Advanced Woodpecker Damage Service:

  • Assessment: Our experts begin by thoroughly assessing the extent of woodpecker damage on your property. This step involves a detailed inspection to identify affected areas.

  • Deterrent Measures: To prevent future woodpecker damage, we implement effective deterrent measures. These measures may include installing woodpecker-resistant materials or applying non-harmful bird repellents.

  • Paint and Finish: We finish the work with matching paint and finishes to seamlessly blend the repaired areas with the rest of your property, ensuring a uniform and polished look.

The Importance of Professional Service:

It’s essential to rely on professional service for ant kind of Woodpecker service. DIY attempts may not provide lasting solutions and can lead to recurring issues. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to deliver effective results that protect your property for the long term.

Why Choose Brandt Plastering:

  • Specialized Service: We specialize in addressing advanced woodpecker damage, offering tailored solutions to meet your property’s unique needs.

  • Quality and Expertise: With over 30 years of experience, we bring unparalleled expertise and quality to every project.

  • Preventative Approach: We don’t just fix the damage; we also implement preventative measures to protect your property in the future.

Don’t let woodpecker damage compromise your property’s integrity and appearance. Contact Brandt Plastering for our Advanced Woodpecker Damage Service and enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is in expert hands. We’re committed to delivering lasting solutions and preserving the beauty of your home or business.