Brandt Plastering in Edmonton, Alberta, is an industry leader in stucco and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System) renovation.

We strive to deliver a quality stucco repair or restoration with professionalism unrivaled in the marketplace.  We will do whatever it takes to be your vendor of choice in the stucco repair Edmonton arena.

At Brandt Plastering, we confront our tasks with accuracy and meticulousness with a sharp eye for detail, empowering us to be both expert crafts people as well as skillful and practiced artists.

If you are only recoating your stucco walls, or perhaps repairing an elaborate molding of stucco, our technicians have the skills and tools necessary for restoring stucco walls to their like new condition.  We are affordable taking great pride in what we do to combine creativity with hands-on experience over the years.



We provide services for patches and more extensive work on your stucco to include:

  • Exterior Wall Systems
  • Interior Wall Systems
  • Adjoining Eave Troughs
  • Adjoining Soffits and Fascia
  • EIFS Wall Systems
  • Stucco Plaster over Fireplace Wall

Advantages of Stucco

Adding stucco to the exterior of your residence or commercial building is easy to do.

  • Will increase the value of your home or building
  • Can be applied to almost any type surface
  • Saves you money
  • Stucco is beautiful, durable, and long lasting

When choosing stucco, there are three systems that are the most popular.

  • Hard Coat Stucco (HCS
  • Traditional Three-Coat Stucco
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS).

Hard Coat Stucco can be applied can be applied over a number of surfaces to include existing brick or siding.  Our system will use two layers of building paper for a moisture barrier.  A stucco netting is attached, a basecoat layer material, and a finish coat or cement product.  This is cost-effective, versatile, since it only uses one layer of basecoat material.

Three-Coat Stucco is the traditional method.  It entails two basecoat materials, a scratch coat, and a brown coat.  In this system will be provided a moisture barrier and stucco netting.  Either a synthetic or cement finish coat is applied with the three-coat system.  It is a durable method for residential or commercial undertakings

EIFS has added insulation with a layer of foam sheathing over the moisture barrier.  This system resists cracking due to the embedded fiberglass mesh basecoat.  This system allows for various architectural detail and can be used for stucco trim features

  • Location of your property
  • Durability needs
  • Preferred finished appearance
  • Budget considerations

With any stucco system, there are many upgrade varieties from which to choose that can improve crack resistance and the strength of the overall system.

Moisture Damage on Your Stucco?

When you see excess stucco cracking on your exterior or interior surfaces, this is usually a sign of damaging moisture behind the stucco materials.

We will consult with you and perform a necessary investigation for the cause.  Trapped moisture and water can cause mold damage.

For the best plastering contractor Edmonton and EIFS contractor Edmonton, Canada, trust us to get your job done on time every time for excellent results.  Call today for a free consultation and estimate at 780-953-2484.