Expert Stucco and EIFS Restoration: Revive Your Property’s Integrity and Aesthetics

Restoring stucco and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) can pose many challenges. How do you align a new layer with existing ones? Should you cut out a section of EIFS? And perhaps the most critical question: How do you achieve colour matching? The intricacies can seem endless. However, when correctly constructed, restoration with cement-based building materials can be a straightforward process.

It’s essential to avoid merely painting over damaged areas, as this won’t address the underlying defects. Water can penetrate stucco cracks and fissures, leading to potential structural damage. Cement-based mixtures provide an effective barrier against snow, rain, and water, offering long-term cost savings while preserving aesthetic appeal.

When restoring stucco or EIFS, using the original stucco mixture’s color is crucial for the best results. Traditional stucco has a proven track record of durability, weather resistance, fire resistance, and a long lifespan. EIFS, with its different systems, offers versatility. The Air Barrier System includes Styrofoam insulation, providing the benefits of traditional stucco with added insulation for energy savings. The Vapor Barrier system uses a synthetic membrane to seal and protect the exterior, offering insulation and water resistance.

The goal of stucco and EIFS restoration is to make it appear as if there was never any damage or aging. It’s a process that requires more than surface touch-ups; it involves rebuilding the wall’s integrity using cement-based mixtures to breathe new life into your property.

Choose Brandt Plastering: Your Trusted Stucco and EIFS Restoration Specialist

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We not only excel in restoration but also provide expert guidance on preventative maintenance, ensuring the longevity of your stucco and EIFS. When you need top-notch stucco and EIFS restoration, contact the experts at Brandt Plastering and rejuvenate the beauty and durability of your property.