Building Inspiring Spaces

Back in ’72, it was my father, Heinz Brandt, who started his own business in the stucco industry and quickly showed that he had lots of promise in the trade. 

I remember him telling me, “Hard work is starting to payoff”, but over time I realized that it wasn’t my hard work that was paying off. 

Hard work is what we do and what is supposed to be done. But, its the quality of the Artisan that takes it to another level. 

When you have a passion and love for what you do, it definitely shows threw.

When I took over Brandt Plastering, I knew that with these are the skills I needed to make it not only affordable but not affect the quality, and that’s exactly what I did. 

We here at Brandt Plastering, make sure you the customer, are always happy with the workmanship and the quality of our products.

My excitement is not just the look on a clients face, its when they see there house finished the exact way they want it. Its exciting seeing clients turn there house into a home. I started at a very young age and knew this is the career for me. Many years later, we at Brandt Plastering are still at it, taking pride in making you, our clients happy.

Brandt Plastering specializes in repairs, restorations, and new home builds. No matter how big or how small the job you want done we are here for you. We have a very wide variety of colors and/or styles for all your stucco needs.